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Vegan Carrot Hotdogs


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vegan carrot hotdogs
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Amazing Vegan Carrot Hotdogs!

You might think the idea of a carrot hotdog sounds crazy, well, so did I!  When I first became Vegan and heard someone mention them in a forum, I pushed the thought far from my mind until my curiosity got the better of me and, boy am I glad it did.  These little guys are so amazing!  They actually taste like hotdogs!  Not like carrots at all.

Vegans, Vegetarians and meat eaters will all love these!  No need to feel left out of any summer BBQ with this secret weapon in your fridge.  Pop them on the grill or quickly cook them up in a pan.

By planning ahead they make a really fast and delicious, busy weeknight meal. Just prep, boil and get the carrots marinating the night before or even that morning while you have your breakfast and coffee; it’s that easy!

To download the recipe simply click to open the recipe above then, once opened, right click just off the recipe to download and print.