Tees & Merch

T-Shirts and Merchandise by Category

  • Choose a category by hovering over the tumbler and when it flips, click on it.
  • Each design shown on the tumbler is not the only design but merely an example of what you’ll find in that category.
  • After going to the category page, each design will have an Amazon button as well as a Redbubble button.
  • Amazon for t-shirts
  • Redbubble for mugs, phone cases, pillows, stickers, etc.

COVID-19 Update:  Not all printing and manufacturing facilities are up and running yet.  Some T-Shirts and PopSockets are currently not available but will be soon!  If you’d like to be notified when a certain design is available please send me an email request and I’d be happy to do that.  ~ Joanie