Tea Mug with Infuser & Lid

Tea Mug with Infuser & Lid

  1. Generous 12+ Ounce Premium Porcelain Ceramic Mug
  2. Fine Mesh, Stainless Steel Infuser / Strainer basket for steeping tea
  3. Triple Purpose Lid: Holder and drip catcher for the infuser, a coaster for the Mug or a lid to keep your tea warmer longer.


  • SIMPLE & EASY – Tea-For-One: Create your perfect cup of tea at home or the office.


  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Mug and lid ONLY are microwave safe.  The high quality of the porcelain ceramic keeps the mug handle from getting too hot in the microwave.


  • AWESOME ADDITION to your compassionate kitchen & tea time. Your Vegan or Vegetarian friend will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, Housewarming or any occasion.



Create your perfect cup of tea at home or the office. With the stainless steel infuser in the mug, place your favorite loose leaf tea, tea bag or even coarse ground coffee into the basket, pour hot water over the tea into the mug, cover with the lid and steep to perfection.  Remove the strainer and replace the lid to keep your tea warm longer.

This 5″ tall mug easily holds a generous 12 oz.   The diameter of the bottom of the mug is 2-3/8″ and the diameter of the lid is 3-1/2″.

The lid has 3 functions: A cover for the mug, a trivet/holder for the infuser basket or a coaster for the mug.

Our Trademark logo and name are a natural catalyst for conversation.  Health and compassion: two things to be passionate about and two things worth talking about!

Packaged in an attractive box, this 3-piece, loose leaf tea brewing set is a perfect, ready-to-go, any occasion, super unique and thoughtful, just-add-a-bow gift for your favorite Vegetarian, Vegan or health conscious friend/tea lover.  Get one for yourself and surprise them with a gift they will love!

The bottom of the mug is inscribed with, “From Caring Comes Courage” – Lao Tzu.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong.  Buy Now!


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