Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Salsa

Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Salsa


Gluten Free

parmesan and asiago cheese salsa
parmesan and asiago cheese salsa dip picture

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Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Salsa, great for dips, Brushcetta and mixed with pasta. This is a great tasting, very versatile salsa that you'll continue to find great uses for.

Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Salsa

This is a very addicting Cheese Salsa, made primarily of Parmesan & Asiago Cheeses.  Add in the garlic, fresh basil, red pepper flakes and other ingredients and you’ve got yourself a very unusual and versatile bowl of yumminess!  It’s great as a dip for bread, bagel chips or tortilla chips (at least those are my favorite things to dip) or a bruschetta topping (great on it’s own or with a slice of tomato, a thin slice of red onion or avocado slices) or tossed with pasta for a super delicious and easy weeknight dinner!

It’s best when made ahead and it keeps in the fridge for up to a week. It’s so good you’ll continue to discover new ways to use this salsa!

To download the recipe simply click to open the recipe above then, once opened, right click just off of the recipe to either save & download to your desktop or print the page.

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