Original Cheese Zombies

Original Cheese Zombies


original cheese zombies
original cheese zombie recipe

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The Zombies are back!! Get your provisions and be prepared... to make and enjoy this nostalgic cheese filled snack!

The Original Cheese Zombies!

Original Cheese Zombies are back! Soft, buttery rolls filled with gooey, melted cheese! The Cheese Zombie is a classic and nostalgic high school treat. This recipe is from the Mt. Diablo School District in California where it all began many years ago for the Zombie and for many of us! Enjoy the trip down this cheesy memory lane!

A big Thank You to my high school girlfriend Kim, and her husband Van, for preserving this original recipe all these years (we’re not saying how many years, lol).  We had so much fun making Zombies and memories with you.  I hope it reminds everyone to laugh and be silly once in a while :) … Or often!

FREEZING NOTE (added 8/13/17):  I finally made a batch of Zombies with some left over to test how they do if frozen and reheated.  I put one frozen Zombie at a time in the microwave for 45 sec. –  1 minute and it was the perfect amount of time.  Though, it didn’t taste quite as good as fresh, I was happy to know that I don’t have to eat the whole batch when I make them next (or maybe disappointed… I’m not sure, lol)

To download the recipe simply click to open the recipe above then, once opened, right click just off of the recipe to either save & download to your desktop or print the page.