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Vegan Mole Sauce and Veggie Enchiladas

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mole sauce recipe

Two Recipes; One For the Mole Sauce Itself & Another For Making Mole Enchiladas!

vegetarian enchilada with mole sauce recipe
Mole' Sauce and vegetarian enchilada recipe

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My easy and manageable recipe for a traditional Mexican Molé Sauce

Try This Great Mole Sauce on Some Veggie Enchiladas!

Make your own Molé Sauce! Try my easy and manageable recipe of this classic Mexican sauce!  With far fewer ingredients and far less time needed to make it, you’ll be happy to make it when your family requests it over and over after trying it.

I love to use this Molé Sauce on my veggie enchiladas, in burritos, mixed into the masa when making tamales, even mixed into mashed potatoes and deviled eggs!

The Molé Sauce recipe makes approximately 3 cups which is enough for two batches of enchiladas.  I usually divide the sauce after making it and freeze half.  It freezes really well for easily 2-3 months.  That way, when you have that sudden craving for Mexican food, you’re ready to go!

The recipe download includes the Molé sauce and Veggie Enchiladas!

To download the recipe simply click to open the recipe above then, once opened, right click just off of the recipe to either save & download to your desktop or print the page.