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This page has our latest cooking video only. We’ve recently gone full Vegan so there are still Vegetarian recipes here. However, as of April, 2018, we have been adding nothing but Vegan recipes. If you’d like to see our other videos, use the “Recipe Index” or the “Recipe by Category” in the menu bar at the top of the page. There you can browse by categories such as main dish, side dish, breakfast and brunch as well as many others. Or you can use the index and go from the category to the exact recipe you’re looking for.

If there was a T-shirt worn during the video that you’re interested in, you’ll find a link for that particular shirt on that recipe page that will take you directly to Amazon if you’re interested in purchasing it. You can also go to the “Tees & Merch” page from the menu and find links to all our shirts there. Thank you for stopping by!

Newest Video!

Each week we’ll update this space with the most recent video. Since we went full Vegan in April of 2018, anything that appears in this space can now be assumed to be Vegan. Be sure and click on the button for more information about this recipe or use our “Recipe Index” in the menu to see our other videos & recipes!

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